Redirect loop when opening workspaces



I have created a new workspace just some minutes ago, when c9 was going to open it, the browser got into redirect loop. Since then, I am not able to access any of my workspaces.

The workspace I’ve created is accessible(?) at

Thanks in advance.


Please try this in incognito mode to make sure this is not being caused by caching issues or browser plugins. Also, if you could post a screenshot that would be great!


This just started happening to me, too.


If this is happening to you in an incognito window where there are no browser extensions installed, please contact us at with a screenshot of your console and a list of different workspace names you’ve tried so we can help you get this solved.


Clearing the C9 specific cookies fixed it! Thanks!


Yep, just like benjaminboruff said, clearing the cookies fixed it.