Reconnecting Error


This error just started randomly. I can access one of my workspaces but not every 5-10 seconds there is an message at the top that says reconnecting. It will not allow me to change anything on the workspace. If i try to change a name of a file it also gives me an error about it and will not let me change it.


Check if this is happening for any other workspaces you have. You could also try cloning your workspace to see if that makes a difference.


This is the only workspace that the error is happening on. Cloning does not make a difference either. I tried to download the project and i get an error also.


Also When I open up the console it continuously goes through these errors.


Can you have another look at the clone and see if you notice any differences now?


There is no difference in the clone now either.


Anymore idea on what my problem is?


I’m having this exact same issue, and I can’t find an explanation or solution anywhere.


I have same issue.
any solution?


I have same issue. Can’t rely om my workspace right now. Do you have any solutions?