Real premium support


I sent a message in via Premium Support and was immediately shown a message that says:

We usually respond within a few hours during office hours (Mon-Fri 6AM - 5PM ET), either here or by email.

I wouldn’t call that premium support. I would expect that level of support for a free service.


“Premium” does not mandatorily mean “24x7x365 with dedicated account support engineer”…which is generally worth $XX000/mo !

I just had the bad experience of a stuck workspace on sunday and left messages to support, not expecting an answer before monday for a $20/mo cost.
And C9 support did solve my problem monday morning, wich is okay : WYPIWYG :wink: Whay You Pay Is What You Get


I agree. I don’t expect that level of support. Though with the label “Premium” it ought to have some advantage over community support besides the privacy. I think they should either respond more quickly during normal office hours or they should change the name to “Email Support”. I really don’t see how there’s anything premium about the current form.


Hi @justincy, I understand your point and there is always room for improvement…

Actually, I think Mon-Fri 6AM - 5PM is a good coverage (more than what I offer to my own clients), except that it is based on one timezone (ET = UTC -4/-5) and if your are in another timezone like me (UTC+1/+2), that’s too bad…but I am not prepared to move accross the world right now :wink:

On the aspect that I would call the “garanteed response delay” :

This is something every service provider (myself included) is very cautious about : when thing are “as usual” you are able to cope with a certain amount of problems AND meanwhile manage the client communication in a reasonably predictible time, but when things go wild, it is very difficult to maintain client communication quality while you are struggling to put everything back on track at the same time, so you generally try not to promise too much there…

So I perfectly accept the We usually respond within a few hours part from C9, but I also understand that you could whish something more “aggressive” in terms of guarantee for a max.response delay (as always, it probably means additional manpower, hence additional costs…), or more likely : different levels of support/delay for different costs.

All in all, support is a killer :gun:
I am writing this just after having lost 3 whole days of work to support a customer “against” his Internet access provider, and the problem is still not closed… this customer is NOT paying me for that because that’s the nature of the support included in his contract : he pays a little part of his operations invoices (around $500 monthly) so that I am available to sort out that kind of mess every now and then : I earn money doing nothing when there is no problem, and I loose my time=money when solving problems I am not responsible for…at the moment, I am the looser :sob:

Overall I think that :

  • C9 has replied to (and solved !) my first and only problem in a quite efficient and timely fashion
  • the level of community support AND the involvment of C9 in the community forums is much better than what I usually find for other services/products I regularly use

So right now I’m happy :grin: