Rails workspace differences



First off I just want to say how awesome this IDE is. As a beginner to developing rails apps, setting up on windows was a nightmare and this makes it so much easier!

Just as a general question, I couldn’t find anything on Google so I figured this would be the place to ask. I have been following along Michael Hartl’s RoR tutorial and therefore am using the RoR Tutorial Workspace template for developing. What exactly is the difference between this template and the regular Rails template offered for the workspaces? Is the Tutorial workspace still adequate for developing professional applications or should I be using the regular template? Thanks all!


I haven’t used the RoR tutorial template but I would guess the difference is between Rails versions and probably Ruby versions as well. You should quickly confirm this though.

My advice would be to use the Ruby (Rails) template to develop your applications.



Thank you for writing in and asking this question.

The cool thing about Cloud9 workspaces is that they’re really versatile. So, when you choose a template, that doesn’t mean that you’re going to be bound to a certain project type. Internally, all workspaces are running the same software, and any language / library you intend to use can be used without any problems.

Templates allow you to get up and running much quicker, so they’re really useful, but that doesn’t mean that it restricts you in any way.

In short, just go ahead with whatever workspace type feels correct to you, and don’t worry about it restricting you in any way. We have your back :slight_smile:

Have a great day and happy coding!