Rails upload directory - where?



I want to be able to upload files via my Ruby-on-Rails application and I’m told that some directories ‘vanish’ across restart. What directory does cloud9 suggest I use that will still be there later?
The background to this is importing large CSV files using delayed_job. I need somewhere to store the CSVs until delayed_job gets around to processing them.


Rails will upload files to the public/uploads directory inside your Rails application. These files will remain there until you delete them.

I would also recommend taking a look at using Amazon S3 for storing your uploads as well.


BigChief45, is there any issue with public/uploads being visible to anyone via judicious URL crafting or is it locked down and inaccessible unless I expose it via my Rails app? I don’t want user sensitive information uploaded from user A becoming visible to user B via this directory. I will also need a place to put ‘export’ file later that will need the same level of security.