Rails server is running but there is no terminal tab to turn it off



Using the cloud9 IDE I started a rails project by opening a new terminal. Hours later I got back to the project and the tab is missing to stop the rails application. I cant turn the application off.


Open the process list and kill it. :slightly_smiling:


You can also reset the workspace to kill everything you might’ve started in the background by clicking on cloud9 in the top left


@justin8 Is it possible to revive the tmux window that got lost? Like attaching to it from another tab? I periodically run into situation when I opened a tab with debugger, reached an important state and then the tab is lost and I have to start everything from scratch


I don’t believe it would be possible. Why is the tab being closed? are you talking about a terminal tab?


Yes, this is terminal tab. I opened the tab on another machine and it is not present on my work machine. This happens to me periodically - when I switch machines that I work from - the terminal tabs get lost. So i have to start from scratch by launching gdb, etc.