Rails Console Password failure



Hi, so I made the mistake of starting development in SQLite instead of Postgres because I was planning on deploying to heroku. I followed the guide here and everything worked and was up and running after doing db:drop, db:create, and db:migrate. It looks like someone else had my problem here but it was never resolved. Everything seems to work right now except making queries in the rails console. I can make anything on the website like users and posts, but can’t do it via console because I get this error:

PG::ConnectionBad: fe_sendauth: no password supplied

My database.yml file looks like this:

`default: &default
adapter: postgresql
encoding: unicode
pool: 5
username: <%= ENV[‘USERNAME’] %>
password: <%= ENV[‘PASSWORD’] %>
host: <%= ENV[‘IP’] %>

<<: *default
database: app_development

<<: *default
database: app_test

<<: *default
database: app_production`

I have searched a lot and it seems most people seem to have problems getting the server up and running but I can do that so I’m not entirely sure whats wrong here.


Hi, did you end up solving this problem?