Rails command not found AGAIN!


I cannot, at all, get a new workspace to recognise any rails command. I have opened a new workspace under railstutorial and ruby on rails and both won’t recognise even rails new myapp1. Please can you help me?



Which workspace type are you using for Rails? We used to install Rails by default before, but I think we don’t anymore. You can install rails by using gem install rails on the terminal and then use the rails commands to create a new project.

Hope this helps.



I have tried both, but just now I tried your suggestion using the ruby on rails workspace, however when I tried to create a new project I got the following error:

$ rails new angel2
Can’t initialize a new Rails application within the directory of another, please change to a non-Rails directory first.
Type ‘rails’ for help.


Rails commands will work in older workspaces that I’ve been using, but I have had to delete some folders. I can’t delete any more and would prefer a new workspace.


When you create a new workspace with the Ruby template, a new Rails project is created by default and ready to use.


Yes, thank you, I know that. But what if I want to create another folder, which I do! I cannot. Also, the other commands won’t work either. I tried to generate a scaffold but it won’t generate that either. None of the rails commands work, even though rails -v says version 4 is installed. I tried bundle install too, that worked fine and still the commands won’t work… There is something very wrong