Quota/space issue


I’ve read multiple questions/answers on this issue and still cannot find a solution. I have deleted hundreds of files that were in my IDE and I continue to get an error. I don’t have the memory tool in the top right of my IDE to check where I’m at on space usage. In the process list I’m unsure what is okay to force kill. If my repos are safely elsewhere can I force kill all currently running processes to fix this error?


You can see a sorted list of the files that we track by running du-c9 | sort -h. I’d recommend checking the output there, since it does include files outside of the ~/workspace directory.


To answer your other question: whenever I have this problem, I usually just exit the workspace, delete it, and start a new workspace. Then I git clone my repositories into this fresh workspace. It takes about a minute or two, but to me this is faster than trying to troubleshoot.

It sounds like you keep your code synced to a remote repository, so I think this is a viable solution for your problem. Just make sure, if you have any important non-code data (like output files or database files) that isn’t in the remote, to download those files first and upload to the new workspace afterward. I hope this helps!


Thank you! That seems to have worked. I thought by simply removing files and folders from the file tree that it would clear up space but didn’t realize everything still being stored in my environment. Starting a new workspace was definitely a quicker and easier way to solve this issue!


Glad it helped! That ability to just start over is one of the things I love about c9.