Questions about education plan


I’m looking to use c9 in two different classes I offer. It is not clear to me how the education plan works.

I (instructor) have a c9 account, I add and start paying for an education account. I can add student accounts (which importantly don’t require a credit card). Then …?

  • I’m assuming I setup a workspace for the education part - is that one workspace shared between all students?
  • do all students log into the same workspace, or do they each clone the starting one?
  • If I have two different courses (a C programming class, and a Python class where students will build a Django web app) - do I have to purchase a second education account? They would use two different workspaces.


Basically the students get a free account without needing to do enter any credit card details. You also get all the team features, but without the larger workspaces.

You can add multiple students each of which can have multiple workspaces under the one education plan.


Does the education account come with premium support?


The education account does not come with premium support.


I’ve actually tried out the education account now - I can answer some of my own questions, but still have some others

Q. What workspace do student accounts have access to?
A. If you create a workspace on the team account, students can open this workspace in Read Only mode (by default, can invite students, I think. Not sure about bulk invites)

Q. If a student creates a workspace, who can see it?
A. This is my big open question still. If a student creates a private workspace, even linked to the team, the team owner cannot see it. This seems wrong to me, as I (as the instructor) want to be able to see student workspaces.

I want to have private student accounts, that other students cannot see, but I can (read only is preferable, but I will need terminal access, so may have to do RW). It looks like my only options are

students create public workspaces - this is largely unacceptable, since then any student can browse through programming assignments on any team member (actually, any user period), whether they have been actively shared or not. I haven’t tested this, but public seems to mean public.

students create private workspaces, then share them back to me - I think this will work technically, but the management of it seems like it may be a hassle.

I’m surprised that the team owner can’t at least see all workspaces under the team account.