Question about the student/teacher account


I noticed on the teacher as $1 a month but does that only give the students access to my workspace?

Or will students with the school’s domain be able to make their own signup and create their own workspaces for other students to join and collaborate with?


When you sign up using the education plan, you can use student’s emails to invite them to be part of the plan. They then can join without using a credit card, and they basically then have a normal account. They can create their own workspaces, and I believe you can see all their workspaces. So no, it just allows them to join by invite, and besides that you’re just the team admin and they have normal accounts so they can create a workspace and share it with their classmates.


Ah, got it. Thanks.

So I’d have to manually add each of their emails for them to be able to sign up, correct? No way in letting anyone on the ?

I have about 150 students each semester this is going to be fun lol.


Unfortunately, I believe that’s the case. As a possible solution, if you use an application like Outlook, if they are in a contact group, you can click the plus symbol to expand into their individual emails, and then just copy that over.


Yeah I guess I could go that route.

Looking at the signup option I’m seeing:
Cloud9 IDE for Education
$1 / team / month - $0 / user / month

Each team member gets:

1 Private Cloud9 Workspace
∞ Community Workspaces
Free unlimited students
Students signup without credit card

Now for the team, that is just a private workspace for every student I invite.

For example I have different sections of classes, my main goal is for the students to be able to create their own community workspace and have other students collaborate on them. So In terms of this pricing option they have that feature still BUT I am now attached to all of them under my username (teacher) right? So even if they create their own public workspace for just 2 students I still am (admin) to that workspace. So theoretically, could be part of over 150 workspaces at a time.

I know you stated they basically have their own normal account but the pricing table info is confusing me lol.
I just want to be clear that Students get:
1 Private Cloud9 Workspace
∞ Community Workspaces

:slight_smile: Sorry if I’m asking the same questions over just trying to figure this out since my class last year LOVED c9 and now we need a credit card for free users.


Unfortunately, I’ve never really used this plan, I’m just quoting what I’ve learned about it from posts like this and this. I would try looking through there, and if that doesn’t answer all your questions ask them again here.


Thanks a bunch for helping out @dannytech! :pray: To answer your question @spp, students have the choice of creating workspaces that are owned by the team or that are owned by their individual account. If you don’t want to see all their workspaces, just have them create workspaces that are not owned by the team :wink: This will also allow them to keep their workspaces after the class is over.

For more info on this, I’d suggest the following:

  1. Read our blog post about this:
  2. Sign up for a buck and test it out :slight_smile:

Of course, as Danny mentioned, there are also quite a few topics here where people have asked questions that you might have so you’re free to continue searching here as well.


All good thanks for all the help :slight_smile:


Oh awesome, so they would have their own account pretty much.

If the account (monthly fee $1) gets canceled, example; I leave my current school and they stop paying for it would the students who signed up under my team lose their account or still have a free account to use as a (free) non-signed up with credit-card account.



Please see the Education Plan FAQ (as Danny already referenced) for the answer to this question. If you have further questions, I’d be happy to add them there :thumbsup: