Question about Runner functionality


I’m using the Runner functionality the Java and it works fine, but I’d like to somehow be able to enter command line arguments before the code is run. Is there a way to prompt the user for command line input?.Thanks!


I’m assuming you have something that looks like:

"script": [
    "printf \"\\033[01;34mCompiling all files in\\033[00m \\033[01;31m$ROOT\\033[00m\n\"",
    "OUT_DIR=\"$([ -f .bin ] && rm -r .bin; mkdir -p .bin ; echo .bin)\"",
    "FILES=\"$(find . -path './.c9*' -prune -o -print | grep '.*\\.java' | sed 's:^./::g' | tr '\n' ' ')\"",
    "MAIN_CLASS=\"$(echo $file | sed \"s:$ROOT/::g\" | sed '$::g' | sed 's:/:.:g')\"",
    "COMPILED_FILES=\"$(javac -d $OUT_DIR $FILES)\"",
    "java -classpath \"$OUT_DIR\" \"$MAIN_CLASS\" \"$args\""
"env": {},
"info": "\\033[01;34mRunning\\033[00m \\033[01;31m$file_name\\033[00m\n",
"selector": "" 

That last line (java -classpath) is where you would put your command line arguments if you want to hard code it, You can see that it uses some variables($name, like $OUT_DIR), and that the $args is there but it is not defined above. If it is not defined it just returns nothing(blank). If you define it, and give it a value, then you will pass in command line arguments. Remember that these things are case sensitive.