Python syntax highlighting not working


I’ve had some trouble getting python syntax highlighting to work on my c9 instance. I’ve deleted ~/.c9/ and reinstalled both node and cloud9, but I’m getting the same error. I’m able to compile python code using the default runners, it’s just the syntax highlighting that’s not working. Even when I try and run third-party cloud9 instances, like the one below, all the python code is in the same color text, no syntax highlighting:

In fact, when I try and manually select python from the menu View > Syntax > Python, I’m not able to select the language. The language shows up in the menu, however when I select “Python”, nothing happens, and the Syntax highlighting doesn’t change. All the other languages are 100% fine, which seems strange.


The same thing is happening to me. However when I remote in my PC at home, the colors and highlighting work fine. Hopefully this will be fixed soon as this is very inconvenient.