Python command shell to be integrated


Python support is lacking. The following upgrades are required:

  1. Python command shell should be kept open on program termination so that basic debugging can performed (similar to the js command shell.) This will make breakpoints possible by simply inserting an invalid statement;
  2. Python debugging as mentioned in another post will also be very nice;
  3. optional Python topic tags.

Hopes this helps?



In 2015 I got into Django and Python and it is good stuff so :+1: to these :arrow_up:

@ctm, have you tried alt + T to have your debugger continue running in it’s own terminal window/session or is a process your debugger needs to watch dying when your main app closes :question:

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@ctm thanks a bunch for mentioning these. Let’s try to keep separate feature requests in different posts so others can discuss each feature individually and things stay clear and organized.

Feel free to make other topics to reflect this if you’d like. If it helps, you’re free to reference related topics/feature requests from a new thread if you’d like.