Python 3 selected in properties but 2.7.6 shows on version command


Hi-I thought when I set the version to 3- that is what I was getting. But running version from command line shows python 2.7.6 is whats running. How can I get version 3 to run?


You should be able to run your file using python3 rather than python If you would prefer to use Python 3 with the python command, you can simply delete the current symlink to Python 2.7:
sudo rm $(which python) and then symlink it to 3: sudo ln -s $(which python3) /usr/bin/python. Then, run python --version to ensure that it is Python 3 (it will be version 3.4.3, thanks to the fact that the symlink structure is like so: /usr/bin/python -> /usr/bin/python3 -> /usr/bin/python3.4.


Thanks. I did that and confirmed I am running v3 now. However, I was told on another board, that when I switched to v3, that I would no longer get an import error that bs4 was not installed (which it is). Any idea why I would be getting that?