Pylint code linting on editor



Hi c9ers

I am using pylint to develop in app engine python-flavored.

The problem is that I wish to lint my code but it seems that pylint is not working properly, as long as I know pylint is integrated in the code editor and show the errors on the left side near the line number. So far it gets me when I write code that won’t compile (image’s top)

But when it comes to styling it will not complain, for instance in this unnecessary parenthesis on an -if- sentence (image’s center).

However, when i run pylint on the command-line over this file I got this and far more alerts (image’s bottom)

I tried passing the ‘–enable all’ flag to pylint in the command-line options in the settings panel but it is still not working as I expected.

The question is, how can I get the same level of linting in the code editor as in the pylint command-line tool including code styling?


What exactly didn’t work as expected with --enable all?
try modifying the file and saving, after changing options, to make sure it doesn’t show the result of previous call to pylint is not cached.


Hi harutyun

What didn’t work was that I don’t get alerts of styling in the code editor. I’m not sure what you mean by file, I was talking about the flags that I can input in the settings, I attach a capture of the settings panel.

Is there any problem with my approach? is there any other method?


I could fix it, the problem was that the level of the messages was too high, it was configured in showing only errors. If it is in warning or lower it will show the styling messages (which are warnings)