Putting a wordpress cloud 9 website online



I am wanting to know how i should go about putting my wordpress site which i have developed in Cloud 9 online. I want to put in online through godaddy, but i am getting confused with the process…
any help is much appreciated


Hello, you need to

  • export your database as an sql file through phpmyadmin by selecting your database and then clicking on export, saving it to your local harddrive. If you have not installed phpmyadmin on your C9 workspace, then follow these instructions Setting Up phpMyAdmin
  • you need to go to Godaddy and import the sql file following the steps here https://au.godaddy.com/help/import-sql-files-into-mysql-databases-6802
  • download all your files from the workspace and upload it to the Godaddy public_html folder.
  • you may need to edit your wordpress wp-config.php and change the MySQL database password, username and hostname, etc to match the settings for the database in Godaddy.