Public ip. How to get to know?


How to know a public ip? WebRTC mediasoup.js does not work properly behind a privete ip of cloud


If you need to know the IP address of the workspace you are currently using, just paste this into the terminal

wget -qO -

(including that last hyhen)

It will return your current IP address. Note that this will change when your workspace gets rebooted.


though that probably won’t help, since the hostname is used to proxy requests to correct workspace, and workspaces do not have unique public ips


Possibly, however it does work for me whenever I need to whitelist the IP through external servers’ firewalls for SSH etc so it’s worth a try - I don’t know anything about WebRTC mediasoup.js so I might be way off the mark… That said, my answer does provide you with the IP, which is what Globik wanted to know


Thank you for replies.

I tried hostname -I and curl
But all those ips didn’t work for mediasoup.js module.
This is a very specific issue for webrtc gateways on clouds platforms where you don’t know what is what behind the scene and what the port are free for all that real communication stuff.
On a local computer works it just fine.


I use