Proxy is blocking from time to time


Dear community members,

at work, opening the IDE under the domain works flawless, but ever since the change from ‘’ to ‘’ was made, viewing my finished HTML-site is blocked from time to time. The proxy at work shows ‘Identified as a phishing or spam-related site. IP addresses are not typically used as legitimate web hosts. Identified as malicious domain or URL.’. But this does not happen all the time. Any suggestion on this would be much appreciated.




Thanks for reporting this. Which software is flagging for potential phishing?


is reporting it for our sites at work.

Checking it again today it is now OK!


I am also having the same issue from the same company BlueCoat. It is affecting all my workspaces and I have requested that they change the categorisation - but at the moment it is flagging my workspaces are Malicious and they are blocked by our proxy.