Project was restored to initial state automatically and deleted all my files



Hi! I was working on my project last evening and go sleep. I went to the site when I woke up and it was empty. My cloud9 IDE was opened and it says that I’ve reached storage limit and asking me to keep deleted files open in IDE or to close them. All my files disappeared and project now is like a newly-created WordPress project on cloud9.

Can I restore my files and mysql DB?

.c9 folder in workspace have some metadata for old files: (screenshot)


I have the same issue, all my work for the last 2 weeks has disappeared. I really need to recover this work.


It’s insane. But my other projects is fine


Same here, I have another old project and its completely fine also. I have opened a support ticket but it hasn’t been read yet.


Where I can do it? Or it’s a premium support? Can you please tell me what to do if you will restore your project? I’ll be very grateful to you


Yes, its a premium support ticket, I will keep you informed.


Hi, I haven’t yet had a response from C9, but I resized my project and it seems to have fixed it.


What do you mean “resized”? Changed storage limit?


Yes, I increased the storage limit to 10 GB. I had a message on my laptop
(which I was using last night) that suggested I had almost used all my disk
space and suggested I resized the container.


@eisenheim94 please email and tell the url of the affected project