Project directory does not exist or is not writable


I am setting up an ssh workspace, added the c9 ssh key to the AWS authorized keys and i get this error on connect “Project directory does not exist or is not writable”

I ran this script “curl -L | bash” but no help.

I have set /var/www/ to chmod 777

$which node - /usr/bin/node


Resolved: I had to set my initial path to ./


I blogged my solution:


Yeah, it seems you can’t use a non-root user to mount the initial path to ‘/’ or any other path that isn’t in your home folder.

However, I’ve found a workaround that did the job for me. I created a symbolic link to my desired directory in my home folder! As long as your user has write permissions to the directory, you can access the directory through the symlink and edit as if it were in your home folder.

Hope that helps someone…