Project access without account


Hey C9!

I’m wondering if there is a way for me to share a project and have other people view/edit the project without signing up for an account? The use-case I am after is to be able to create source code to be be able to share as a demo, having the attendees of the meeting be able to view (and possibly edit/play around with) the code without having to first create an account. Is this possible?




This is not possible. The only via “workaround” I can think of would be to create a stupid simple account/password that can be thrown away and then let everyone log in with those creds and give that user access to the workspace.

Note that lots of collaborators at the same time might not give what you’re looking for. See How many collaborators can I have in a workspace?


So it sounds like best scenario is to simple create the project, grab/share the url to the project with the attendees, then when they go to the URL they will need to sign up for C9 before accessing the project. Sound about right?

I guess in my head what I was thinking was something along the lines of JSFiddle with the addition of the environments that C9 supports.


Ya, you’re on the ball here. I’ve heard this idea tossed around as something that would be cool and I agree that it would be a really great way to show off what Cloud9 does but I’ve never heard of anyone speccing it out or doing any planning on it.


Fair enough. I guess you can consider this an official feature request then :wink: Feel free to ping me should this ever come to fruition or for additional discussion.