Programming C in cloud 9


Hey, please help and please forgive me for my lack of understanding.
However, I am really new to programming although have done a few team tree house courses.

I am presently keen to start programming in C/C++ for embedded electronics.

As I am keen to make some hardware devices with tactile controls which can be connected
to a computer via usb, in order to control software on the computer (and reflect settings on hardware).

I am also new to Cloud 9 but understand that cloud 9 is an awesome place to write and test programs on.
Although i understand that it is unlikely that i can use cloud 9 to directly interface with my embedded electronic prototypes.

I am presently in the process of learning C before learning how C for embedded devices.
So need an environment to write and test my basic C programs.
I was wondering if Cloud 9 is good for this.

Please help.
Thanks for any help.
Kind regards


Yes, Cloud9 does support the C language. I’ll give you a few quick pointers, if you’ll pardon the pun. Once you have an account and have written some code, just click on the plus symbol next to the file tabs, and select “New Run Configuration.” Then, where it says “Runner: Auto”, select C (simple). If you want more control and are comfortable with the command line, choose “New Terminal” instead, and run your code from the command line. Cloud9 workspaces are simply Ubuntu Containers, so anything you could do using bash on your computer, you can now do in the cloud.


Hi DannyTech,
thanks very much for the help
Much appreciated, as i plan to start to a lot of programming in C
during the learning process for programming embedded microcontrollers embedded into
electronic circuit boards.
Once i have a grasp i will have to eventually use an IDE specifically designed to be connected to the
prototyping board that i am using to experiment with.
But as i am also presently learning web design, i shall make good use of Cloud 9.
Which appears to be an awesome place for people like myself who are learning to program.
Thanks again