Process exited with code: 127


I am using a windows pc (windows 10), I really like cloud9 IDE and is planning to use it from here on out. but I clone a existing project into c9 , went to run the app and got this code above. Look at the terminal and saw that my project folder name was not the same as in my file tree. What can I do to get the file tree and the terminal on the same page so when I run it , I can see it on the local server? Here is what I am looking at.


Hey @marcusrs :slightly_smiling:,

and what is it supposed to look like? is it open on GitHub, if so may you share the link: :hand: :link:

Did you use a plain Ubuntu “custom” Cloud9 Workspace or did you choose on of the templated and then did the git clone ... command inside the templated workspace?

I’d try doing a template workspace with the clone url entered that new workspace form.

Checkout these docs on the topic:

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Cloud9 doesn’t have an automatic runner for erb files and fallbacks to bash script runner.
Use one of ruby runners to start your server then open the preview.