Problems Loading This Morning


Just tried to access Cloud9 this morning, and am getting this. Cannot actually get to any of my workspaces. Is this a system-wide issue?


I have the same issue, looks like the problem is on c9 side.


Just posted about this as well. It looks like the wildcard cert for * expired this morning at 7AM EST.

This is preventing static resources (css/js) from loading.

You can workaround it by visiting one of these resources directly ( and allowing the “insecure” connection.


I am experiencing the same issue. None of my workspaces are loading. Is there any way we can get an update from someone working for cloud9?


I have a mountain of work and c9 does not work :frowning:


Folks, if you’re in dire need you can workaround with my suggestion above…

“You can workaround it by visiting one of these resources directly ( ) and allowing the “insecure” connection.”


Yes, force to insecure connection, and works!

SSL certificate has expired, a shame for c9.


This still doesn’t solve the workspace not loading issue for me. It just makes the loading screen look pretty again. I did the same for bootstrap.js and workspace-ruby.js (and I guess could do the same about other files that come up in the js console), but the actual workspace is stuck loading forever.


Temporarily changing your system’s date to yesterday, seems to make everything work :stuck_out_tongue:


getting this as well, hoping it’s a system issue and will resolve, but can’t seem to get confirmation either way


I am having the same issue - CS50 IDE from Montreal, Quebec.


same, i sent AWS a facebook message since they dont care about us and wont set up an actual c9 support page


Only way… insecure navigation…


thanks. it works for me. still a temp fix though


Thanks, your suggestion worked immediately! It’ll do the trick until Cloud9 renew their certificate.


It’s working for me know, had to clear my history in Chrome