Problems connecting existing c9 workspace to existing git repo



Trying to initiate git between an existing c9 workspace and an existing git repo. I have another workspace that talks OK to a different repo under the same username.

Tried the following in bash shell:

git init
git add some file names
git commit -m file name "initial commit"
git remote add origin
git push -u origin master

when I push I get a request to login
Username for ‘’: myname
Password for ‘’: mypw
fatal: authentication failed for ‘

so even though I enter the correct credentials and even though I am already connected to the same username from a different c9 workspace and a different git repo that works correctly, I cannot connect to this one.

I don’t want to have to recreate the workspace.

any suggestions?


Have you tried pushing without the -u option?


yes, still does the same thing - wont authenticate


problem solved by using this syntax instead -

git remote add