Problem with some vim keybindings



Where I made a mistake in my init.js?

// You can access plugins via the 'services' global variable
/*global services, plugin*/
require(["plugins/c9.ide.ace.keymaps/vim/keymap"], function(vim) {"jj", "<Esc>", "insert");              // ok"<C-k>", "10k", "normal");             // ok"<C-k>", "<Up>", "insert");            // it doesn't work"<C-j>", "10j", "normal");             // ok"<C-j>", "<Down>", "insert");          // it doesn't work"<C-h>", "<Left>", "normal");          // ok"<C-h>", "<Left>", "insert");          // it doesn't work"<C-l>", "<Right>", "normal");         // ok"<C-l>", "<Right>", "insert");         // it doesn't work

Thank you for any ideas :slight_smile:


looks like map only invokes only commands defined by vim mode, so doesn’t work for insert mode.
Thanks for the bug report!


but, it did work for

and isn’t that insert mode??


right, it worked because <Esc> is implemented by the vim mode itself, almost all others fall back to ace defaults.