Problem with shared workspace not synchronising


Yesterday afternoon (Sunday 17th July between about 17.00 and 19.00 BST), I shared a workspace with a partner for a pair programming exercise. Although my partner could access the workspace, he reported that he wasn’t seeing new files that I created or changes that I was making to existing files . Similarly, when he made a change to a file, I couldn’t see his change.

Fortunately, we were screen sharing via Google Hangouts, so we were able to proceed with the pair programming and make some changes to the code, using my version of the workspace as the master copy.

Later that evening (around 21.00 to 23.00 BST), I returned to the workspace, and discovered that some of the changes we had made earlier were missing - in particular, modified files had reverted to their original state and files that we had created earlier were missing. However, my partner tells me that he didn’t make any changes to the workspace in the meantime.

Is it possible that something went wrong with the synchronisation of the workspace in the cloud, causing the live copy of the workspace that I had updated to be overwritten with the stale copy that my partner could see? It’s not clear why our views diverged in the first place, but it would appear that there were two copies of the same workspace that were out of synchronisation, and the stale copy overwrote the live copy.

(If it’s relevant, I was accessing Cloud 9 from the UK and my partner was accessing Cloud 9 from Columbia, so we could have been using different servers)