Problem installing MiniMagick gem Ruby on Rails



my gemfile contains:
gem “mini_magick”

bundle install yields:
Using mini_magick 4.5.0

according to git readme file, when I run command to run see if gem has been installed, which is “convert -version”,
i get:

reepz:~/workspace (master) $ convert -version
bash: convert: command not found

I have also tried $ sudo apt-get install ImageMagick


After running sudo apt-get install imagemagick on a fresh Ruby workspace and then checking the version with convert -version I get the following:

Can you try copying and pasting those commands and see if that makes a difference?


@reepz I solved the same problem by updating the package list first:
sudo apt-get update

Then, I could install ImageMagick successfully:
sudo apt-get install imagemagick