Problem importing models from django.db (django 1.4.2)


Hi, I and my students (Venice - Italy) have recently discover an error in clou9 IDE saying "unable to import ‘django.db’ in a simple line such:

from django.db import models

we are using, for legacy problem, django 1.4.2.
How we can resolve this issue ? (a few week ago the same code doesn’t show any messages and it is saved in github e so we are sure of that)



Hey @sdoro :slightly_smiling:,

When you run django-admin --version what version do you get?



Hi MIke,
we use virtualenv and after ‘activate’ we make pip install django==1.4.2
So when we type django-admin --version the respons is 1.4.2

For legacy constraints (docs and previous projects) we must remain with 1.4.2 for another 4 month.



Hi Sandro,

From this answer it appears that Django can’t be found, and could be a configuration issue. I haven’t done any Django development, but I hope the above article helps.