Print Function for the IDE?


I would love to print my properly formatted code out in color. Have I missed that function somewhere. I am quite surprised to not be able to find it.


Short answer: It’s not built-in, but there is a workaround:

Please see this post for more information: Request for local printing


I do not know what “add it to init script
then after reloading page open commands panel and choose print” means ??? How do I do this ? What’s an init script ? I’m not a programmer, UNIX wiz. Can we not have a print function in the menu tabs like other programs ??


I am making this more straightforward at this moment. I’ll have a solution up for you in a bit.


Thank you !!! By the way, I’m not the only person asking for this feature. As we speak, there is a lot of discussion going on about this missing feature, on our course website. Please consider adding a Print function to future versions.


It won’t be an official thing, but I have made a plugin to do just what you want.

Installation instructions are available here:


Thank you I’ll try that now…


Yikes… Prompted for username and password which I don’t know or remember. And, I can’t figure out how to retrieve either. I’ve decided my best work around is to download my file, open it in another IDE and print it from there. That should get me through the course but please, please consider adding this functionality to future versions of Cloud 9. Thanks.


It is your c9 username for logging into cloud9 dashboard. If you use github or something like that to login instead of username and pass, you can always just reset your password and then use your new password with your existing username.


Thank you! It is really helpful.


I unsuccessfully tried entering my username and password when prompted, so I did a password reset. Now, I’m getting the following error after running c9 install c9.ide.print

Unknown Error getting

Help please!


There is a newer method of installing plugins, follow the instructions here: