Preview SSH Workspace




I have two apps one is client and one is server in my project.
client is developed using react and server is developed using node js.
I am working on SSH Workspace.As i am using bable and nodemon to start my server cannot directly run the
start file to start the server.
example : “nodemon --exec babel-node --presets es2015 lib/index.js” I have put this in start scripts of my server.
I was able to run client and server apps using two different ports on two different terminals.

when I used preview my application I could see https://XX.XX.XX.XX ip address which is running and executed as connection time out.

Please help me with where can i preview my app.


there is no preview proxy for ssh workspaces, so there is no automatic https and port forwarding support.
So most likely you need to open browser to http://xx.xx.xx.xx:8080.
Note that you may also need to open the port to the public depending on your hosting provider.