Preview not showing HTML properly?


The preview for my HTML code doesn’t seem to be displaying properly. For example, I have a section of my site that is supposed to show my skillset, but it gets shoved far to the right requiring side-scrolling to see it. When I place the exact same code into my live site, it shows up just fine. I also have a hyperlink tag that isn’t working correctly in the preview. It is being shown as encapsulating an entire div but is itself entirely contained (code-wise) in the previous div.
As you can see in the image, the ‘topReturn’ link is entirely within the ‘info-div’, yet it is ‘skillset’ that receives the hyperlink- the entire skillset div.

Any thoughts? Suggestions?



I think I’ve encountered similar issues before. I believe it’s a problem with the CSS when using the preview.

A possible workaround I found was “previewing” using Apache. You can use the runner to launch Apache to serve your HTML and when you preview it on your browser everything should load up fine.


Sounds great! Thanks!