Preview forcing use of HTTPS


Hi, good afternoon, i have some problems installing prestashop in my cloud9 workspace, prestashop have a feature to use ssl and protect all the urls under https protocol, but i dont want to use that feature, and my urls trigger the problem “err_too_many_redirects”, after several hours trying to solve this i suppose that cloud9 could be forcing this https protocol, my question is Can i modify this settings? i’m right guessing that the hpps problem is for this reason or i’m wrong? Thank you for the time and the help


I’ve never used prestashop before but if you pop your application preview out into a separate tab in your browser you should be able to load it with http. In other instances, Cloud9 may force use of https and this is not something you can alter.


Thank you so much for the fast answer, that information is all that i need, then i will work using ssl in c9, and without ssl on other servers, thank you.