Prevent team members of an educational team from being able to copy private workspaces



I would like to be able to use Cloud9 to support a set of MOOCs that I’m producing, with the educational account plan.

There is a current feature that allows private workspaces of any team member to copy the private workspaces of any other team member. This is unacceptable for my proposed use case for Cloud9 as it leaves the platform open to attempts at plagiarism and copying of others’ work. It also prevents any team member (learner/student) from protecting their private project work from other team members. Unfortunately, this feature means I won’t be able to use Cloud9 for the MOOCs that I’m developing.

I’d like to request a feature that either members’ private workspaces in an educational team not be clonable or that the permission to clone private workspaces be under the control of team admins. I’ll be able to revaluate using Cloud9 once such a feature has been implemented so I hope that this can be looked to; apart from that, Cloud9 would be excellent for us!



Would love to see this happening too! right now its too easy for students to steal each others work (fraud)