Pressing Y attempts to re-delete a recently deleted file



Steps to reproduce:

  1. Delete a file
  2. Type something (doesn’t matter where) and then press the Y key.
  3. A message appears “Failed to delete file or folder ‘X’. File or folder ‘X’ does not exist.”

Tested on an SSH workspace. This is on a mac using latest Chrome, not sure about windows.

This can be a serious issue if you replaced that deleted file with another file with the same name.
Otherwise, its just a bit annoying having that message appear every time I press the Y key.


I seem to have this issue as well, but i just haven’t known what the trigger was, until now.


thanks for reporting about this regression, we are working on a fix for it now.


Thanks for the update. Any ETA on this? Its starting to get a bit irritating now.


It have been released yesterday morning, do you still see the issue?


Looks to be fixed now. Thanks :slight_smile:


:thumbsup: seems fixed (don’t mind the REALLY late response lol)