Premium plan for less than $20


Can we please have a premium account that cost something like 5-10$ 7$ would be nice. It could have

10 private workspaces

5 ssh workspaces

1 Hot Workspaces

this would really help people like me cannot afford a bill of 20$ a month.

Upgrade RAM speed! customized plan

I hope a admin sees this as lots of people have liked it…


I’m sure they have, it’s likely something they’re currently looking at, and I have full confidence they’ll make a decision and post it here. Great idea!


Indeed, one of the main benefits of the community is that we get to see what requests and suggestions gain traction and then make decisions based on that. The $1 education plan is a good example of that. Thanks for making this thread and starting the discussion :thumbsup:


the issue with the 1 dollar plan is it is for teachers and I have no need in getting unlimited accounts


Sorry, didn’t mean that the education plan addresses your concern at all. I was trying to say that the education plan was implemented because of community feedback so this is valuable to have :slight_smile: