PostgresSQL with Flask App



I think I created my postgreSQL DB correctly in my CS50 IDE. A few questions.

  1. I’m building off of code that initially used a SQLite DB. I had a cute “finance.db” icon in my directory representing the database. I haven’t got one of those now. I this normal with postgres?

  2. With SQLite, I could click on the sweet db icon and phpLiteAdmin would come up all pretty, and I could manipulate my db that way. I understand there is a PSequel app that is a gui for postgres. Can I get that in cloud9? I tried to drag and drop it into the working directory, and it did not work. Are there other strategies. Cmd line does not appear to be an option.

  3. Every postgres google search seems to include questions about Rails. Every postgres search with Flask seems to mention SQLAlchemy. Is this an appropriate choice for a Python/Flask based project that will ultimately include some JavaScript as well? I don’t want SQLAlchemy. It looks like a headache by comparison, but still, better that than a poor choice. Thx!


Never mind. I need phpPGadmin. Getting it to work with the CS50 IDE in cloud9 is another matter, as there have been several unsuccessful attempts. Apparently, this forum is my personal diary. :slight_smile: