PostgreSQL Service Always Down


I am having an issue where my Postgres service has to be started everytime I exit the workspace and load it again after some time. Is this normal?


Hello @BigChief45 :slightly_smiling:,

Only premium accounts workspaces are kept running,


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@mikeumus Thanks for clearing that.


I have the premium edition, and this problem has happened consistently to me over the last year or so. It is not all the time, but from time to time I need to do : sudo service postgresql start


Hey @codehawk :slightly_smiling:,

I’m curious about the detail if your workspace using postgres was a free one before you upgraded to premium or if the workspace started out as a premium workspace?

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The workspace was created as premium.


@codehawk after premium Cloud9 workspaces are inactive for 7 days, the processes are automatically stopped.

This can also happen if your processes hit the RAM limit while you’re away and are automatically killed.