Possible to clone workspaces from a different account?



We want to have students clone workspaces from a central account. The UI seems to indicate you can do this because the drop-down menu for the “Clone workspace:” field lists my-account/my-project1, my-account/my-project2, etc. But I get an error when I enter other-account/a-project.

Alternative to cloning team workspaces

This is not currently possible. We’ve tossed the idea around of allowing this but right now it’s just not secure as it’d copy SSH keys and everything the workspace has to offer.

I think this is possible if the workspace is owned by a team you belong to but I haven’t tested that myself.

Alternative to cloning team workspaces

How do you setup teams? I was unaware of a teams feature, sounds great. I can’t find anything about teams in the documentation.


Be aware that teams are in beta. As far as I’m aware, this is mostly manifest in unpolished features (e.g. UI/UX), not so much in bugs. That being said, you can sign up for teams here: Cloud9 for Teams.

You’d do well to have a look at our Cloud9 for Teams Beta FAQ and comment there if you have any related questions.


What if the workspace you want to clone is a free account setup without ssh keys? Then it doesn’t matter if the cloning is not secure.

Being able to clone someone elses workspace would be hugely useful. Building (compiling) workspaces from repositories has lots of issues when depencies change causing the build to fail.


I certainly see your point in terms of usefulness. That being said, all workspaces have SSH keys in them so this is not trivial.


Yes, this sounds useful.


I’d love to do this for teaching my class. Are there any practical solutions working as of now for setting up a workspace and then allowing students to recreate it, so that they have all the installs but don’t mess up each other’s and mine?


The new Education $1/month teams may allow something like this. @bradydowling any opinions on that?


That would certainly be wonderful but as far as I know, this is not possible at the moment. Your best bet is to request your students to clone a Git(hub) repository. You can include a script in the repo that your students can run in order to setup your environment, maybe they could just run ./setup. This should make things easy on them and just slightly more difficult for you.


Here is the problem: Every time I make a github repository and youtube video for my students and others using cloud9 it works great for a while but eventually a dependent github repository changes which breaks my video instructions making me and cloud9 look bad.

The worst part is that I don’t know the site is broken until a user tells me meaning several people have tried it and become frustrated with Cloud9 since it doesn’t work.

The only solutions I can see are:

  1. Make cloning public

  2. Streamline (automate) Cloud 9 Docker image creation Android SDK workspace template so that we do not have to bug a cloud9 employee just to test our dockerfile on cloud9 . All I need is a link to the working docker image. I would even host the docker image on my own website if that was helpful.
    P.S. I can already test made for Cloud9 docker images on my computer but the time delay (8 months so far) to have a pull request tested on Cloud9 means my Dockerfile may already be broken.

  3. Some other idea?

Here are several of my Videos that may or may not show accurate Cloud 9 installation steps:

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