Possible Cause for 502 Error?


A number of people have been getting 502 errors. I noticed something on the client side that may make a difference.

If you are getting this error after more than four times of refreshing in a row, are you using Chrome with the Inspection window open?

If you copy the URL to a new tab, does it then reload correctly on the third (or fourth) reload?

I would normally say there’s no possible way this could affect the issue, but it is a routing issue, and when Chrome’s debugger is up, it is monitoring headers, etc. It is possible there is a slightly different timing to the requests or some other difference that might be affecting this issue.

If it is so touchy and on edge, of course, it could be affecting other browsers all the time. This is reflective of what I am seeing, and I’m sharing it here to see if others are seeing this same strange behavior.