Possibility to have anonymous collaborators


I intend to use cloud based IDE’s for the practical part when interviewing candidates.
Previously I used nitrous.io for this, but it had quite many bugs which I reported, but they were unable to resolve them.
Now that I’ve tested c9.io I’m quite happy about the quality and maturity of the product.

However to practically use it in the interviews there is a blocker - the mandatory registration, using a credit card.

For every candidate I only need to use the editor for 1 hour. and as I’m handling quite many candidates every month, I can’t really ask them all to register with their credit cards on nitrous.io.

Is there any chance I can create a workspace and allow candidates to join without the hassle of registration? It would be a huge time-saver.

The option I was considering was creating another account by myself with a simple user and password, so that I could just note the user and password for the candidates so that they can easily log-in without registration.

However since you’re asking for the credit card during registration, I can’t feel comfortable giving out credentials to random strangers to an account that has been connected to my credit card.

Is there any inobtrusive way how I could invite anonymous users to my workspaces, so that I could easily conduct interviews?



It is not possible to have anonymous collaborators on a workspace.
However, our education plan allows you to invite new users to a team. In this case, they do not need to provide credit card details on signup and they do not have access to your own credit card info. The costs are at around $1/month for each education team you set up, regardless of how many members join it. Once the interview is done, you can remove the members from your team. Note that this also removes any workspaces they might have created on the team.

Once they signed up, regardless of whether they are in your team or not, you can use the normal share flow.

Hope this helps! Happy coding! :slight_smile:




I was somehow under the impression that education plan is only for teachers.
I’ll try this then :slight_smile: .