PNG images not displaying




I uploaded my projetc, which is working fine with WAMP, but PNG images are not displayed here. I checked the folder and all PNG are in the wright place.

Here the code - echoing -

<h3><img class="ikon" src="icons/2people.png"></h3> ;
Any idea ?


It doesn’t look like that 2people.png file exists in your ~/workspace/icons folder. Can you double check to make sure it’s there. You can also open it in the Cloud9 editor to make sure it loads correctly.


Yes, you are right,

I had just changed the pic name, to make my POST more readable, the real name is icons/deux_plus_un_bleu.png and it does not display.

Nor does Fontello icon i class="icon-pitch ecart-icon" Fitness -> line 83 home.php

On the other hand, PNG loads correctly in editor.

The issue still remains to be resolved


Check newtwork panel of chrome devtools to see which image your page tries to load and from which url.
Cloud9 doesn’t do anything special in regards to resolving urls or loading files.


@timjrobinson @harutyun

I’'ve already done that.

I spotted which image my page tries to load.

  • The ressource is at the right place
  • It is visible in Cloud9 File Tree
  • The image that is not displayed in the web page, is shown when I click it in the file tree.
  • I uploaded all my icon and image folders just like they are in WAMP , where everything works fine.

Here an excerpt of the code

if ($data = mysqli_fetch_assoc($query)) { if ( $data['titre_room'] !='') { echo '<h3>'.utf8_encode($data['titre_room']).'<img src="icons/deux_plus_un_bleu.png" class="ikon"></h3>' ; } if ( $data['precio'] !='') { echo '<p class="prix icon-money"> à. p. d. '.utf8_encode($data['precio']).' '; echo CURRENCY; echo '</p>'; } if ( $data['pre_comment'] !='') { echo '<p><span class="bleu"> Inclus &nbsp;: &nbsp;</span> '.utf8_encode($data['pre_comment']).'</p>'; }

/// some more code }


Turns out apache aliases icons directory to "/usr/share/apache2/icons/" by default
See or try searching for apache icons folder forbidden



Your answer is the goog one. icons folder Seems to be a reserved name. I turned it into iconz and now images are displayed, no matter if they are JPG or PNG

Thank you.