Plugin Username and Password


Hi Folks,

I’m trying to play around with your plugin system. However, whenever I issue:

c9 list

It prompts for a username and password.

Unfortunately, when I enter in my username and password for my workspaces it doesn’t work. Is there
another username and password that needs to be created for plugin development?

Thank you!


Hey @alininja,

Just to check if you’ve been over these docs first:

:books: :snail:


Thanks again @mikeumus. I just looked at those docs. But cannot find what that username/password that I’m prompted for when I issue the basic

c9 list

I just wanted to see what’s available; I haven’t setup anything to develop plugins yet. Maybe that’s the reason?



@alininja c9 list only requires username and password.
Does it print any error messages?

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I’m having the same issue with the c9 plugins functionality.

At first I assumed it might be my password with strange characters (randomly generated 60-char password including symbols) that might be breaking the system, but changing it back to something simple temporarily hasn’t resolved the problem.

Any ideas why I’m unable to get past Cloud9 Username / Password prompts?


@harveypoyntz do you use hosted or ssh workspace? the issue might be caused by old version of c9, try running c9 --version to check that


@harutyun Hosted, both Pro Individual and Pro Salesforce.
c9 --version in my primary workspace returns 3.1.126

I just created a new test workspace, which is returning 3.0.2112
This new workspace also requires Cloud9 Username and Password

Screenshot of new workspace


same issue here… always asking username and password :frowning:


You should provide your Cloud9 username (not email) and password. If you do not have a password because you signed up with Github or Bitbucket, go to your account settings and set a password and then try using that new password at this prompt.

The password should update for installing plugins like this but if that is not the case please report that here.


works, i set a new password and now its works, maybe because I was using a bitbucket login :wink:

thanks a lot


I am having the same issue. I didn’t use github to sign up


Try running npm install c9 -g
The newest version of c9 prints the error message when it can’t login.


I signed up long ago with my GitHub account. But when I try to set a new password from settings section of an error pops up saying “Incorrect password” because I left current password text area empty. So I cannot publish any packages :frowning:


@ozcanovunc try resetting the password through forgot password link.
But the publishing of plugins through cla is disabled now, the recommended method is described in Distributing and installing custom Cloud9 plugins


Thanks! That makes sense