Plugin Packages for cloud9



So I’ve been working on a few plugins for cloud9 recently and I wanted to create a thread that people could post questions, suggestions, etc in…

I will update this top post with a list of plugins and descriptions as I write more. You can find plugins under development in this list as well.

If you would like any of the plugins prioritized please let me know as community feedback will let me know what is wanted

How to Install Plugins into c9

  1. Open a terminal in you workspace,
  2. Run the install command located on the plugin.
  3. Change any settings in c9 preferences that are mentioned on the plugin’s github site.

Plugins - Published

  • Desktopstatus pending
    • Link:
    • Install: c9 install c9.ide.desktop
    • This plugin works to bring the x11 desktop into your cloud9 IDE. Installing this plugin gives you a simple two click desktop that you can work in. Useful for applications that need a display or generate GUI’s.
  • Pigmentsstatus pending
    • Link:
    • Install: c9 install c9.ide.pigments
    • This plugin has several features that deal with color codes and web design.
      • Color Highlighter - Highlights color codes with their color. Good for viewing colors in code. Can be turned on and off.
      • Color Report - Generated on demand report of all colors in the current file you are working. The report not only shows the colors, but gives conversions to other formats as well as additional color swatches to work with.
  • Printstatus pending

Under Development

  • Drag and Drop Editorstatus pending
    • This will add a full drag and drop page builder / editor to cloud 9.
  • Drag and Drop Add-on - Bootstrapstatus pending
    • Adds bootstrap elements to drag and drop editor
  • Drag and Drop Add-on - Foundationstatus pending
    • Adds foundation elements to drag and drop editor
  • Desktop Add-on - React-Nativestatus pending
    • Adds React Native development to the desktop.
  • Desktop Add-on - Chromiumstatus pending
    • Adds the chromium web browser to the desktop plugin
  • Desktop Add-on - Firefoxstatus pending
    • Adds the Firefox web browser to the desktop plugin
  • Slack Chatstatus pending
    • Brings in slack chat as a side panel (like collaborator chat) to the IDE. Allowing chat while working.
  • Gitter Chatstatus pending
    • Brings in Gitter to allow you to search for rooms, join, chat, and listen to any Gitter room. This is useful when working with packages that have Gitter chats.
  • Book Writerstatus pending
    • Brings a markdown writing experience like no other to the cloud9 IDE
  • Grapherstatus pending
  • A drag and drop UML, Brain-Map, Diagram, and Layout drawing editor for cloud9 IDE

Templates Under Development

C9 / Core Pull Requests

  • Update c9 open with --pipe command to allow piping of command outputs to an editor in realtime. Linkstatus pending

My Github:
My Website:
My Slack:

I am opening up my slack for any cloud9 users to join and talk about these plugins. If you have cloud9 specific inquires that don’t relate to these plugins then please post them to the community forums here. However you are also welcome to join the slack and just chat and say hello :slight_smile:

Chat integration with third-party live chat solutions

This is really cool @shadowcodex :thumbsup:

I have some plugin ideas but their in the icebox for now. I hope to join you soon in hacking some awesome plugins together. Thanks for this post with the badges and updates. I’ll follow the work in the meantime. I like the sound of the Slack Chat plugin, can’t wait to try it out.

@shadowcodex, are there open github repos for all of these we can checkout? I’d be cool to see the anatomy of a C9 Plugin.



Thanks! I’m really enjoying this. I’m working on these things when I need a break from my day to day c# coding.


Dev Update :: 2-17-2016


It looks like I just need to install the Android SDK and load in the react-native example project. So I’m going to really do a separate plugin called This will install the full android IDE and sdk into c9.


I have started to dig into the slack API to build this. The only caveat will be that a slack admin will have to install this app in order for you to connect to their slack. (I think). Will have to dig more.


I am halting development on this until I finish plugins that deal with all areas this will touch. It will help me build a better idea and gameplan for this plugin.

###Jekyll Template

I have finished a dockerfile for the Jekyll template that installs Jekyll and initiates a new site. The way it is setup allows it to gracefully upgrade to new version of Jekyll as they come out. This has been pushed as a pull request to the c9/templates repo.

###Laravel Template

I am currently working on this dockerfile as well as building a starter project/template with it.

###c9 open pull request

I have updated my pull request for the c9 open command. It is ready to be tested and merged in if possible.

That’s all I have for now!
73’s - ShadowCodex


Unfortunately due to personal issues with cloud9 I will be dropping all development of plugins for c9. I’ll still try to support them as I can, but won’t be able to dedicate a lot of time to it. Sorry for anyone who really wanted some of these :sweat:


Sad to see you leave, awesome work you did there! Maybe until soon again :slight_smile:

Happy coding!


Hey guys I’m going to run some updates for the desktop plugin. No eta atm, but it’s on my todo list.


Hello Guys, what’s ready so far? This post is getting a bit old, have you started a new one somewhere maybe?

I’m really really interested in Laravel plugin and Jekyll - love these - and would like to know if and how I can get them working efficiently on Cloud9 :thumbsup: