Please support ubuntu better


I have been using c9 with my chromebook to develop hybrid web apps. It was love at first sight. Additionally, I historically evangalized the service to the many students i come across who want to learn how to be a developer. I can get past most of the hurdles myself (as i develop enterprise applications on aws); however it becomes difficult to share workspaces now without setting up iams users or difficult to just tell people to sign up at (because now they have to create an aws account instead - which is NOT single focused like was)

The biggest problem of all is that the default image with the autoshutdown feature is amazon linux. This is presumably because of the lambda integration feature.

Most of my automation over the past 10 years has been done on ubuntu. I am unable to switch linux flavors because ubuntu is too familiar to me while aws linux has a different package manager (no apt) among other slight changes that wastes my time. I am not rewriting all my 70+ repo Makefile to accomodate this sort of change. I know that i can set up my own ec2 manually, but then i lose the hibernate and free dns hookup c9 used to provide…

I can’t believe it, but the dns and the non-ubuntu kill the service for me :confused:

The honeymoon is over unfortunately. I hope that those two things can be addressed, because if not. I may as well just use another service since i’ll have to write my own hibernate script and pay for domain/set up network rules…


AWS Cloud9 uses Amazon Linux as the default since that’s what’s on production EC2 instances–one of the main advantages is that you can develop on production-grade hardware. If you’re looking to use Ubuntu, I’d recommend spinning up a separate EC2 instance with an Ubuntu AMI and using that as an SSH environment. SSH environments on AWS Cloud9 are a non-premium feature and are offered at no additional charge; you’ll only be charged for any EC2 usage (or the cost of whatever other host you decide to use)


yeah so i tried that already… and mentioned that in the original message: “I know that i can set up my own ec2 manually, but then i lose the hibernate and free dns hookup c9 used to provide…”

Whats more, is that upon trying this out.

  1. the file revision feature is broken
  2. there is no longer a hibernate feature
  3. you must login through aws to use the c9 tab (i manage multiple aws accounts so this is a major problem. i can not have separate c9 tabs anymore)
  4. the dns address of the server changes every time (yes i know about elastic ip… but that is even more setup)
  5. the performance is a worse with snagging and delays in keypresses (not sure why as the instance is way bigger than a c9 instance) (i tested this alongside another original c9 tab and the original was running fine while the aws c9 was lagging a bit)

From the sound of your message. This is the end for c9. I won’t bother to post anymore feedback. i’ll just move to jupyter labs and be done with it