Please Don't Shutdown Original


I agree that AWS took Cloud9 as we know it and gave us something that is not even close to comparable. This has happened in the past with big companies. I can only hope that Amazon will offer a true replacement for Cloud9 or invest in keeping it going. No cloning? Not worth migrating. And I’m angry we can no longer add collaborators on paid accounts. This is a very sad time. I do hope Amazon gives us back the ability to add collaborators on paid accounts and continues to support the best tool out there for online development until they really do have something comparable.


Guys. I love c9. And do not love aws. I will not migrate. Since cloud9 is open source project we can use it for our purpose.

I am founder of tokensale platform. We can make a community and make the almost free service (pay for common shared hosting as cheap as possible) and continue us it.

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I agree that they are not the same. I’m used Amazon for other things, and am so sad and slightly angry at Amazon for doing this to the Cloud9 Users.


I was very happy when i discovered through a Youtube tutorial, it answered many of my needs. Was sad to then discover the company is moving to aws, which i tried and found to be what i was initially running away from, i.e. a paid for and complicated platform. I was looking for a very simple ide that let me code for free until i am able to upgrade to premium account.
I am very worried the is shutting down soon, if that happens though, i would rather look for something else other than the money-hungry aws, that asks for my credit before i even use it. No ways…
So sad


@tmlight & others
Unfortunately, most of it is true.
I jumped to AWS because of Lambda integration but realized that’s actually faster and better to use serverless like before, so I no longer have any reason to go there.
As it is now, I’m waiting to sink with this boat …
So I’m honestly happy for Cloud 9 team because this is a huge (and hard-earned) success for them and not so happy for myself… but let’s lighten up, life is an adventure :slight_smile:

Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. ~ English Proverb