Please Don't Shutdown Original


Hello Everyone…
I Just Want to Make One Request to C9 Staff…Please Don’t Delete Original in Future…

There Are So Many Students Like Me Still Out There Who Can’t Buy Amazon AWS or Can Spend Money on That…
If You Take My Example, I’m Still a Student Doing Diploma So I Don’t Have Any Job To Earn Money For The Payment of AWS.

I Really Got Scared When I Saw The News and Official Announcement…I Never Thought This is Gonna Happen…
I Really Liked The Way C9 Was Before…It is Really Bad News At-least For Me…

Guys Can’t You Make AWS an Optional Thing…I Mean Whoever Wants To Integrate With AWS Can Do It…Let Others Who Wants To Use Legacy C9 Can Also Signup on Legacy C9…

If You Guys Post a Poll Then I Can Bet That Majority of People Will Give Their Response in Support of Making C9 As It Was Before…


Amazon owns C9. Amazon owns AWS. Amazon NEEDS to drive users there. is a dead-man-walking.

Most will abandon C9 (aka AWS/C9) as it’s far too complex for eduction usage. Even admins with experience, have trouble with AWS.

#Borg is winning. Sad.


But What Other Alternatives Are There?
Do You Know Any?


We use this for education as well as project-oriented collaboration. Our company is small, and live in two different areas. Of all the code collab, this one just worked “better”. That being said, AWS has STEEP learning curve for new users/students to even GET STARTED with. Their main dashboard is a collective pile of “ones and zeros” that they continually add on to with new features, without any direction or organization. So trying to train someone to even get started on AWS who has never been a subscriber before will be a training class alone.

There are other “free-mium” online code tools like this…all with different cons: seems to be the contender, but only has 1 container per user, and that’s the upside for C9 (you can make multiple instances).

Best advice is to do some research, follow some open source libs on Github, and try finding what suits your needs best (for instructors). I find that a lot of these pay-for services use some bare-bones structure tweaked from open source projects that are readily available and maintained.
One piece I liked from C9 was unlimited instances, where as any other contender only had 1-3 projects on free tier.

Also, get over to AWS and start planning some way of showing/teaching who you need to exactly how to use AWS. You’ll find a lot of the time, that’s where they might end up when they get hired, or start working on production code themselvews.
Have a great holiday!


YES. If is closed. Sorry, I will not migrate to AWS cloud9. I will migrate to


Even for non-educational use. Cloud 9 as it exists now is great.

Forcing people to contend with the behemoth monstrosity that is AWS, merely to create and maintain some code, is not a good idea.


Thank you all for your feedback, it’s really useful to us at this time :-). I don’t have any specific details but just wanted to let you know that we are listening and taking your input on-board.

Thank you again for supporting Cloud9 and working with us to make it even better.


I’m a student, and many of the course I’m taking use the original C9. I don’t see any benefit to migrating over to AWS. It just seems overly complicated, especially for someone like me who has less than one year of experience in web development.

It would be a shame if you guys shut it down.


I get it… I think and I love the Cloud 9 environment for development and I plan on seeing what deploying on AWS is like… I have been deploying on Huroku so it should be an interesting experiment.
My question…

Is there a forum (maybe this one maybe a different one) where i can get specific questions answered and implementation issues addressed to help me make the jump to deployment on AWS?

Looking forward to your helping me make money be making so easy for me to deploy web apps…

PS = I came to C9 from Nitrous when they closed down


There sure is! Take a look here:


AWS is so overly complicated I have gone in to try to make a wordpress installation and searching the words wordpress in the help comes up with ZERO – nothing. To make a new wordpress install what do i have to do? manually install mysql? manually install php? manually install wordpress? really? why is the new cloud9 different than the old cloud9? why change a good thing?

you all need a lot of basic tutorials to do what the old cloud9 does TURNKEY.

AWS is for network engineers.

please make aws c9 at the very least the SAME as before turning it off.


How does Eclipse Che IDE compare to cloud9?


I couldn’t agree more wholeheartedly.


Can cloud9 make a tutorial? Someone? Bueller?


You should be able to find our docs here: . Let us know if you have any feedback; these are constantly updating in response to customer feedback (I’d recommend dropping a line to Paul on the AWS Cloud9 forums here:

Let us know what you’d like to see!


So seeing that other educators are debating this issue, I for one would like to have a discussion on what other opportunities there are out there for classes and students that will only be using resources for 3-4 months (and “hello world” level coding at that).

It seems like C9 (though no issue of their own, everyone wants a payout for their good work) is moving away from supporting first time programmers and students and instead is pushing them out in favor of business customers. Thats fair, its their company.

What I do want to discuss however is what other facilities exist for us to teach with? Other companies in the past have supported education, expecting the students to bring their tools and knowledge with them to the workplace. Are there any still out there that share this model?

I’ve seen references to “codeanywhere”, but what else exists? This semister, we’re moving students back to VMWare based linux VMs for them to learn and code on. But this puts a stress on our attempts to build one class on the back of another. Instead this is forcing a complete tool base relearning.

It has prompted a serious discussion among staff if we should be using ANY online system for student education. This is not the first company to abandon the education world in favor of a payout.



I’d recommend looking into the AWS Educate program. This provides students and educators with free AWS credits, which should be ample for a course. You can find more information on this here:


I was working with a student yesterday, and showed him my C9 instance. It looked like an idea platform for him to get started in. But then I tried to set one up for him in AWS and…forget it.

It’s just too much to wade through before you can get to an IDE and start running sample code. I guess CodeAnywhere is the next best thing.

My question: How long will I be able to keep using my instance? I don’t need much, just a simple linux server I can run my python CGI on for prototyping. I came to Cloud9 after imploded and nuked the IDE… I’m hoping to avoid having to jump to yet another platform. It’s a huge distraction.


I’m surprised they had lasted this long given that it’s on Google’s appengine cloud and it’s a Amazon product.

Given that Amazon and Google are in a cold war with each other don’t expect the original version to stay around just for a few legacy users.


Hey, thank you for writing in about this.

Our announcement should clarify this question for you, specifically this part in the FAQ at the bottom of the page:

  1. What is the migration plan for
    There is currently no timeline or migration plan for We greatly appreciate our existing customers and want to make sure we can provide a smooth and easy transition. As soon as we have a timeline we will communicate that to you along with the plan for moving your projects to AWS Cloud9. In the meantime, we will continue to operate and welcome your continued feedback to help make AWS Cloud9 better than ever.