Please answer my question i want a workspace always on



please answer my question i want a workspace always on
i have free plan and want to upgrade my account to Education plan
those education plan afford this ?


Why do you need it? I’m new in Cloud 9, but I feel like it’s not the use case. Do you consider other free services for this purpose? Like Heroku?

Cloud 9 already has Heroku Toolbelt for easier deployment:


Cloud9 does have “Hot” workspaces, which do not shut down, but they are not available on the free or Education plan. The Education plan is designed for teachers and their classes, and do not offer many extra features besides team management tools. In order to get Hot workspaces, you’ll need to upgrade to Premium, which gives you 3 of this type. You can also use Heroku, but it’s not tightly integrated in Cloud9 and is much more useful for staging environments and the like. Be aware that Hot workspaces are not to be used as VPSs. They are for development purposes only.