Plan that unblocks bots?


I love cloud 9. I want to use it to code a bot I’m making from my chromebook and computer. Is there any paid plan, or would the team consider adding paid plan that unblocks bots? Or is there any current method I could use to do this? Thanks.


I’m sorry, I’m not sure I understand. As long as you are using Cloud9 for development purposes (testing your bot), there shouldn’t be a problem. If you need to host it, you’ll have to look elsewhere. If your problem is that ports are blocked, use 8080, 8081, or 8082.


@dannytech is spot on. If you’re using it for development purposes it is fine. Your account will likely get auto-blocked when running some things that people often try to host on our services (i.e. some bots). But if you email our support team ( we can remove that block if you are actually a developer and not just using C9 to host a bot.


Alternatively, you could create SSH workspaces and develop bots on those.